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  • Event Page Top Image, which provides your event with a large header graphic where you can list benefits about your event with an eyecatching image.
  • Event Detail Box Image allows you to add another graphic next to your event details, where you can present viewers with additional calls to action or promotions.
  • Event Featured Image, creates a visible event preview graphic when viewers are searching on the events tab.
  • Month View Image, provides your event listing on the calendar to populate a graphic in the preview details, giving you an opportunity to entice them to click on your event.
  • Calendar Event Timer, to help create a sense of urgency by letting people know in real-time how much time they have left to register for your event.
  • Event Optimized for Search, by our team to help your event be indexed and found through search engines, so that more people can see, and register for your event.

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