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Content Guidelines | The Medical Cannabis Community

We are glad you are here. Our Facebook groups are operated by The Medical Cannabis Community, where we focus on raising awareness, educating consumers, bringing people together, and helping them learn how to navigate state legal access. Our members include patients, consumers, caregivers, law makers, healthcare professionals, cannabis industry professionals and volunteer advocates from all over.

The rules in our groups are simple.

These guidelines are created to help our community members and administrative team navigate the evolving landscape of content submissions. The guidelines set in place are frequently changing, and work to preserve the member experience in our communities above all else.

As such, we discourage and reserve the right to mute or remove any piece of content or member that goes against the community guidelines set in place. This includes but is not limited to:


    Incites Negativity, Hatred, Bashing or Division As a community focused on bringing people together, we do not want to promote or host threads that divide community members over issues not relevant to cannabis.


    Solicits, Promotes, Spams, or Aims to Sell Self promotional posts, sales, spam, solicitation, crowd funds, GoFundMe’s, petitions and random posts that do not contribute value to the community. Direct any sales or promotional pending post to the monthly self promotion posts that are made. Businesses and brands are welcome to share their advertising on that specific thread any time during the month.


    Does Not Comply With Facebook’s Community Guidelines Facebook does not want profiles, pages, or groups to be used, or abused for the purpose of selling cannabis related products. This is one reason we try to contain all sales related posts to the self promotion posts. Should Facebook ever come cracking down, we want to make it easy to remove any content that violates the guidelines.


    Constant Promoters & Lacking Post Descriptions. While we encourage people to post as often as they’d like, we discourage excessive random posting to avoid being flagged as spam or self promotional content.


    This information is available on our website and Directory. Please refer people to the pinned post in our communities, the Get a Card section on our website, and the business directory. Posts that can be subject to approval are ones where people are looking for doctors with specific specialties. (needs neurologist, or cardiologist, etc.)


    In efforts to keep conversations free of spam, we discourage posts for buying CBD.  Any time someone posts about where to find these products, they get solicited with random offers that would be most appropriate in the self promotion posts.


    We aim to deter multi level marketing posts, and sponsored product reviews.


    Our communities are meant to provide a medical environment where people can discuss cannabis from the context as a medicine. There is little value in posts that don’t discuss the medical value provided by the products. Posts that talk about getting high, abusing the products, or perpetuating the negative images are discouraged. Posts that discuss how products are helping specific conditions, symptoms, pain points, etc. are encouraged.


    From time to time, people try to pitch ideas or solicit comments from others on how to skirt, get around, or blatantly break the law. Some examples include people who want to find alternatives to drug tests (synthetic urine), people who are looking for hook ups, or to grow / sell cannabis.


    To provide a fair balanced community, instruct members to first contact their designated dispensary and product manufacturers should they encounter problems or defective products. We encourage patients to contact both the dispensary and cultivator first to resolve product issues before taking the conversation to a public forum.


    Cannabis is naturally a political subject, so it’s likely to see posts around those things.  Advocacy, and awareness posts around these topics are welcome for discussion and debate. However, we want to stay away from sensationalized political content, or bashing posts that will result in arguments, infighting, divisiveness and ad hominem.


    Misinformation is a frequent battle we will always face. We try to look out for our members by vetting and verifying the information before it reaches our entire audience. Sites like NaturalNews, ZenPype, HigherPerspectives, USHealthMagz, EHealthMagazine, and other society, news and culture websites are not reliable sources of information. Try to verify information beforehand.


  • Rules and guidelines may change over time as the group grows and evolves. Information here is not meant to replace professional, legal or medical advice.
  • Members should consult with their own healthcare, and legal professionals for official advice and recommendations. All other information here should be taken at your own risk.
  • Although we do our best to moderate and enforce the guidelines, we are not liable or responsible for all the interactions that take place.

Thank you for helping us build a great community. Invite your friends and join us in the discussions!