The Cannabis Community Insider is a podcast featuring conversations with top influencers shaping the cannabis landscape today.

The Cannabis Community Insider brings you inside the industry and provides insight into the thinking of business leaders, government officials, community stakeholders and other key people in the fast-moving world of cannabis.
Hosted by cannabis industry lobbyist and insider Mark Peysakhovich, this podcast aims to tell the backstories of the developments you see in the news. We answer pressing questions from patients and consumers and explore the latest developments in cannabis business and culture. Join us and become and insider too!


Season 1, Episode 5    |    36 min

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Family farm goes to pot….in a good way!

Family farm goes to pot….in a good way!

The O'Hern family has been farming and raising cattle on their land in central Illinois for generations. A few years ago they added an unexpected new crop; cannabis. How and why did these life-long farmers let their farm literally go to pot? (And that's a compliment!)

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