There are few relationships as intimate and sacred as that of patient and doctor.
Trust and respect in this relationship are paramount, sometimes as important as
the medicine itself. And a doctor’s inaction can hurt a patient just as much as
their action. That’s why doctors who refuse to help patients with medical
cannabis questions are actually doing harm.

Most doctors who refuse to help are simply uninformed and uncomfortable talking to
their patients about medical cannabis. But some doctors are outright hostile.
Ask about cannabis and they will judge you rather than treat you. You may even get
a “reefer madness” lecture as if you’re a kid. That’s unacceptable and it has
to change.

To see how medical cannabis patients can be treated and, indeed should be treated,
we spoke with Dr. Rahul Khare at Innovative Express Care. He has built a
medical practice that treats medical cannabis patients like patients rather
than like criminals. What a novel idea!

Author: TMCC Admin Team

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