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In Illinois, patients who originally pioneered the program did not have many choices to pick from when it came to getting certified. For many, one clinic quickly became a haven for patients in need, where Dr. Bodo Schneider was one of the first doctors willing to certify IL Medical Cannabis Pilot Program (MCPP) patients.

However, throughout the program the physician notably ran into a series of issues that ultimately resulted to closing doors to his 2 clinics in Marion and Orland Park, unfortunately leaving his former patients in limbo, wondering how to renew their licenses. In January 2019, Canna Care Docs worked with Dr. Schneider to take over the patient database, including all of its patients’ records.

Their main goal? To step in and help every patient renew their certifications, and continue the ongoing care required to participate in the program. As one of North America’s largest and longest-running cannabis evaluation and education centers serving more than 80,000 patients per year across 12 states, Canna Care believes it is qualified to bring affordable continued access to patients in Illinois.

Canna Care Docs Now Seeing Dr. Bodos patients

Troubles Due to Closings

In this tumultuous transition, many patients reported having unanswered emails and phone calls, no access to their patient records and no way of knowing how to proceed with their MCPP renewals. Although this experience plagued several patients, others remain by his side and claim he was one of the few doctors willing to have compassion in helping people when other doctors were heavily reluctant to certify. Although the transition has not been easy for anyone, our goal was to find out more and bring other Illinois patients up to speed.

What Are The Patients Saying?

As we dug further, we requested feedback and opinions from our members who were eager to chime in on their experience, telling us the good, the bad and the ugly.

One member reported having requested and paid for an increase in an allotment, but never ended up hearing from the doctor or the office. They were also not informed about the transition but were, fortunately, able to get recertified on their own.

Another member, on the other hand, stated he had a great overall experience and was saddened to hear of the news, but was able to successfully get recertified through Canna Care Docs.

Given the mixed reviews, it is evident there is a wide mix of support and dissatisfaction that has caused confusion among patients who did not know how to proceed and get recertified. Fortunately, as the Spring season prompts new recertifications, patients can rest knowing they are not left in total limbo.

Canna Care Docs of Illinois

With the transition of patients from Schneider to Canna Care Docs, we reached out to the Canna Care Docs Team and spoke with Stephanie Gluchacki, President of Clinical Operations. In her response, She stated –

Early this year, we were grateful to have the opportunity to begin helping Illinois medical cannabis patients. As an organization with years of excellent service across multiple states, we were concerned with the possible disruption of patient service due to the transition.

We knew coming into the situation would have a few bumps, but nevertheless, we have managed to settle, and it is an honor to be serving people in the Illinois medical cannabis community. Our team looks forward to providing patients with ongoing, affordable and compassionate care, and pride ourselves on working to deliver the best experience possible across the country.

For those who need assistance near the Crestwood, and/or Marion, Illinois area, Canna Care Docs welcomes them to call at 773-887-0420 for more information.“

In addition, Canna Care Docs have stated they will be offering recertifications to any patients of Dr. Schneider, for only $150, compared to the traditional $200 fee.

For patients who attended either previous locations, the new locations for Canna Care Docs have been reportedly relocated to the following:

• Homewood Flossmoor Patients will now be served by Canna Care Docs in Crestwood Illinois, located at 13111 Rivercrest Dr, Crestwood, IL 60418.

• Patients in Marion, Illinois will be served by Canna Care Docs at their new Marion office located at 103 Airway Drive, Unit 2, Marion, IL 62959.

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