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Our Partners | The Medical Cannabis Community


The Medical Cannabis Community has worked with clinical professionals, educators, dispensaries, grow facilities, manufacturers, private businesses, nonprofits and other organizations to address the growing needs for advocacy, education, awareness, and outreach. Our valued partners contribute resources, expertise, education, and provide excellent networking and outreach opportunities for our engaged audiences. Their commitment to excellence, high ethical standards, and evidence-based solutions for all with an interest in helping patients access effective, and safe medical cannabis to help save lives, improve health measures, and build stronger communities of people in search for a higher quality of life.

Advocacy Partners

Our advocacy partners are committed to promoting access to medical cannabis for all types of patients and consumers who may benefit from its access.

Community Development

Community development partners work with us to build capacity and reach for timely, accurate, and appropriate delivery of programs, events, and trainings. Our team helps partners by increasing positive outcomes for efforts directed at a broad range of advocacy, education, and public services. This allows those interested in expanding access to cannabis in their respective geographic locations to use their time, talent, and resources efficiently and effectively.

Educational Outreach

Educational outreach partners excel in helping us deliver evidence-based, accurate, and timely information to a wide variety of audiences in both clinical, institutional, educational, and public settings.

Content Production

Our content production team utilizes cutting-edge technologies & skills to create a broad range of deliverables to meet our community’s broad range of needs. Whether video, audio, print, or digital graphics, our partners are committed to the ethical creation of standards-based, high-quality content for widespread use across multiple platforms.