In today’s modern world of cannabis, too many people suffer due to inadequate access, while others are disproportionately impacted by the laws and wars waged against this natural medicine.

The Medical Cannabis Community helps thousands of people connect with one another to build meaningful relationships, and navigate their way through state legal access through a number of services including developing hyper-targeted communities through digital advertising, where people can come together to ask questions and share their experiences.

We also facilitate polls, surveys and other market research initiatives to help our community make their voices heard, and organizations gain a better understanding on how to better serve the people they are committed to. In addition, our team produces multi-media content that captures the interests and experiences of our highly engaged audiences so that we can show people what a world with medical cannabis can really look like.

As a media based organization focused on advancing the education, awareness and legal access for medical cannabis, we believe people should have an equal opportunity to live a better quality of life without fear of arrest or persecution.

We’re on a mission is to shape a new perception of cannabis where it can be respectably viewed as a first option, rather than a last resort. And we want to bring people together to aid us on this mission. That is why we work with people and organizations who share similar goals, ideals and values in order to help expand our efforts across the world.

Our team is comprised of professionals with backgrounds in law, economics, educational policy, business development, marketing, and community outreach, and we use our skills and experiences to help build a better future so that people can have the access they need and deserve.

We have been working to expand legal access for medical cannabis since 2015, and will be around for many more years to come. While our organization is based out of Illinois, we also operate in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, and soon other places where we see people need help.


Ways to Collaborate

Whether it’s a physician clinic, outreach group, cultivator, dispensary or ancillary brand, we work with other organizations in a number of ways.



1. Social Media Content Distribution & Digital Advertising

A. Organic Content Distribution
(Blogs, Videos, Graphics)

Topping 31,000 fans and followers, and a cumulative community of over 23,000 members, Our Facebook page’s content reaches an average audience of 150,000 newsfeeds per month, and operates online communities in multiple states, where over 70%+ of members are actively engaged.  In addition, less than 5% of our total audience is between the ages of 18-24. More importantly, less than .05% of our total audiences are under the age of 18.

As one of the most active organizations online, we often share educational content from our partners across a number of channels including our website, social media networks, events, and newsletters to help your brand generate awareness and exposure, with consideration to Facebook’s community guidelines. On top of this, we have an unparalleled advantage in being one of the very few cannabis brands that are able to effectively run digital advertising campaigns on Facebook to grow our communities, and help people either find events, or connect with local clinics, dispensaries and resources needed to enroll in medical cannabis programs.


2. Community Development 

B. Statewide & Local Group Development
(Expanding State-Specific Communities)

On Facebook, we have developed a number of outreach strategies that have enabled us to quickly bring people together for the interest of medical cannabis, regardless of where they live.

As such, we typically work with organizations who are committed to expanding awareness and education about medical cannabis in specific cities, counties, states and even different countries.

When we connect with these individuals, we invite them back to our communities where they can join our efforts in advocacy, and explore the local resources for education that are available to them.

Through our proven efforts, we will identify and invite advocates, activists, potential patients, doctors and industry members to these communities, providing an excellent opportunity to drive the local conversation around state pilot programs, industry news, and educational initiatives.


3. Community Outreach Events

C. Educational & Registration Events
(Generating Interest, Event Attendance and New Enrollments)

Setting up and operating successful events is no easy task. Fortunately, our team has conducted hundreds of outreach events and presentations. From planning to outreach and execution, we handle all the logistics and plug in everything that is needed to host a successful event.

We conduct educational events for the general public, as well as social workers and healthcare professionals to help generate more interest and participation in a state’s program. On average we tend to bring in a minimum of 25 people to 50 people per event, with our last once having brought in close to 160 individuals to learn more from our workshops. If our partners are promoting their own events and need help getting the word out, we can assist in that process too.

4. Content Creation

D. Collaborated / Sponsored Content
(Blogs, Commercials, Documentaries)

As a leader in driving the conversation around medical cannabis, we generate significant online exposure through our blogs, public service announcements, high quality videos, commercials, and mini-series documentaries.

We have partnered with organizations to collaborate on educational videos produced with the intention of raising more awareness, and helping people see another side of cannabis they may have not seen before.

5. Business Directories

E. Placements for Dispensaries, Doctors & Vendors
(Menus, Videos, Promotions, Etc.)

Similar to other organizations, The Medical Cannabis Community offers free directory listings to dispensaries, physician clinics, accessory stores, and other organizations.

Premium listings will soon be available which allow added features such as customized page listings with the ability to add menus, sales, promotions, and other multi-media content.

6. Market Research

F. Quantitative & Qualitative Research
(Surveys, Panels & Cohort Group Studies)

Taking the guess work out of knowing what people want, our ability to reach a wide range of people makes it relatively simple to get in front of the people who are most likely to be interested in participating and making their voices heard.

Whether it’s consumer preference polls, product development survey analysis or independent field studies, we are able to provide substantial insights on what people need, and want. These initiatives end up being a learning experience for all of us.




Medical Cannabis & Epilepsy – The Story of Emmerson King

This is the story of Emme King, a pediatric patient of the Illinois Medical Pilot Program.Her experience will make you question everything you have ever been taught about this plant, and open your mind to all the great life saving possibilities.#EducationAwarenessAccess #EmmeStrong

Posted by The Medical Cannabis Community on Friday, November 2, 2018




Our next documentary video will be focused on curbing the opioid epidemic through medical cannabis. Want to collaborate with us? Let us know!


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